About us

Veer&Moon speak in flower language

Did you know that in Victorian times (United Kingdom, 1837 – 1901), lovers secretly communicated with each other using flowers? Since then, every flower has its own meaning. If you know these meanings, you can use them to give others an original gift with a beautiful message. Especially in a time of fast communication, volatile relationships and busy agendas, it is important to reflect on meaning in life.

We are Veer&Moon: Veronique van Campen (Graphic designer) and Annemoon van Steen (visual designer) and we met in 2013. We immediately clicked because of our mutual passion for design, paper, books, letters, images and nature. Before we knew it we became Veer&Moon and inspired by the book 'The Hidden Language of Flowers' by Vanessa Diffenbauch, we came up with the idea of ​​developing a product line based on the Victorian flower language.

Attention for each other and nature

We are happy that you help us make the world a little friendlier and more colorful by spreading the flower language and thus also making the world a little greener!

We do our utmost to produce our collection as sustainably as possible, with attention to the well-being of people and animals. Our tea is organic, the bulbs and seeds are partly organic, but in any case Planet Proof. The seed bags are made from tomato fiber and we produce as much as possible within the Netherlands and Europe. We also work closely with various sheltered workshops where Veer&Moon products are manufactured with great enthusiasm and attention. In this way we contribute to the development and labor integration of people with disabilities. And they are given the opportunity to grow into a place in the regular labor market. In this way we contribute to a greener future.

Own style

Veer&Moon distinguishes itself by showing the flower from head to toe. Here you see the origin, the root: Is it a flower from a bulb or from a seed? A bright spot of paint is the only colorful addition to the simple black pen drawing. Nature in all its simplicity.

We want to inspire you with new ideas about the use of giving flowers and thus make flowers an even more meaningful gift. Give someone else or yourself a personal and symbolic gift, where you challenge the recipient to be creative and he or she will enjoy it for a long time to come.

Let flowers do the talking for you!

Veronique & Annemoon